The World is a Sandbox


The world is ready for me to get my hands on it and start digging up the beauty it’s hiding. I will use different kinds of shovels like music, videography, photography, and other forms of art to capture beauty on this earth. I will use whatever means I already have to do this, so that I don’t procrastinate. The world has been waiting long enough and I’ve spent too many years already not playing with the sand all around me. To others it may look like dirt, but I see something else. With the right lens, you’ll see what I mean. I need to do this everyday so that I will force myself to be committed to those adventure. Life is a sandbox and I need to make my castles.

Tell me about your goals?

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My Turn

I was sitting and watching a movie one night and a thought popped in my head. “What else could(should,would) I be doing right now?” Then I thought about trying to raise funds for something that affects the world in a positive way, something way bigger than me.

After one night at Reflekt Youth, a church youth group, I decided to help out with their fundraising for a ministry called Speed The Light. We’ve set a goal but despite reaching the goal, I want to help out with missionaries all around the world and that is what Speed The Light does. So here is a link for some information about Speed The Light: (if this doesnt work, google it)

My purpose for this is to help in any way I can. I do not want to just stand by and not care about the world around me. This is just a start. The project is to make bracelets and all of the money that is made goes to Speed The Light. There are other ways of helping out with missions but like I said, this is just the start for you and me.


Contact me on Facebook or in person if you are interested.

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New and Improved!!! ?

This is my first blog on this site and I will make it my first official one on the web. I’ve posted different blogs on different sites like gaiaonline, myspace, and facebook but they were not really meant to be read by many. I might do a miniature mash-up of my old blogs of old. That could be fun.

Lets back up and focus for a bit and let me explain why I might begin something like this. I’ve always enjoyed writing and expressing my thoughts. So why not share them, right?

On this blog site, you will read about my thoughts, goals, achievements, beliefs, and whatever else I want.. MUHUHuhahaha… It might sound boring to you or you are just sweating on your leather couch at Starbucks from all the excitement. Whatever the case is, I hope you at least enjoy and gain a little bit of knowledge from reading my blogs. So sit back, grab an old paintbrush, and do what you do best(I have no idea what that is).

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